Hi everyone! Thank’s for stopping by my tech blog!

I’m William Chow, 24 year old kid from Sydney, Australia. One of my many passion is all things tech, startups and entrepreneurship. Since I read a lot on tech and startups, attend multiple tech conferences & tech meetups regularly, playing around with new gadgets and always learning new technology, I decided to dedicate a site (seperate from my personal blogging site) to share my thoughts on all things tech. I hope you feel my passion in my blog enough to take on a career in tech, start a startup or get involved in the tech community. I will write about books I’ve read on startups, new ideas and personal projects, tech gadgets, tech conferences I’ve attended, startups & tech news and basically anything else I can think of that relates to tech!

glasshole or early adopter?

My educational background: I have a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Technology, Sydney and diploma in software development. I will be undertaking a graduate certificate in computing in UNSW to transition to a masters in IT next year.

My professional background: My first ever job was in McDonald’s. I did a web/software development internship during my diploma in software development. I now work in Operations at a marketing tech startup.

My 2019 ‘tech’ related resolution includes reading one book a week, work on one different project every month, learn a new technical skill every month and do well in my postgrad computing course at UNSW.

Other things I like to do other than engaging myself in tech includes: reading, tennis, chess, poker, hiking, photography, videography, travelling, listening to 80s music, gaming & eating!